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If a song is good, it’s usually sensible to leave it ALONE! Don’t touch it. Leave it as it is. If you’re doing a cover for a song and it’s super popular, it’s usually sensible to keep to the original play style of the song, don’t you dare try to mix it up or change a couple of things… NO!

However, if a band feels confident they can do better and they are up for the challenge, then they should take their chance. It’s a damn hard road to ride on  but Jimi Hendrix took that road and he turned Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower to his song! So much so Bob Dylan said the song (which he created) was probably created by Jimi Hendrix. Hell, Bob even plays the song the way Jimi played it.

Such things don’t happen often, it, is, mega, rare.

It’s happened now though. CLAY seems to have made a song originally sang by Korede Bello hers. For a lot of people, in Nigeria. The song had to grow on them. I know a couple of folks who hated the original when it first aired. Now they dance to it. You can’t dance (typical Nigerian tumba way) to this cover by CLAY. You can waltz to it. I can waltz so advantage there to me.

The song has a decent and generous mix of what I assume is a violin, which kicks in as the song starts. Piano too, so that helps, especially when played along with the violin. I should probably get a violin. As usual, the real star of the song is CLAY’s voice. I feel she can sing rubbish now and the song will be good, why? Probably cos of her vocal power, advantage her. I’d like to challenge her to sing rubbish one day and see if it’s actually good, my money is on good…. Also, I have a theory to try out there, so, I will make this happen, some day.

CLAY clearly knows where her strengths lie. And she’s starting to apply her strengths at the right places and songs too. I’m still waiting to hear her on a Metal song. It isn’t her forte, I know but I will not be shocked if she switches teams one day. I’ll be the guy with the grim/smug face at her concert.


The song generally plays straight to the mind but the very last moment set me off track, two words:

“coldflames beats”

Beats? Like… Fruityloops beats or something else Fruityloops related. Now, this is my take:

  1. CLAY needs a band, a real band.
  2. If she was asked to do that by said Coldflames then this said Coldflames should know you don’t do that in a rock song.

Which begs the question, “is this here a rock song?”

Going back to the first take, CLAY needs to have her very own band, if you need evidence on why I’m saying this then you should look up her singing alongside ParkingLotGrass. Wont say much about that aside it’s amaz-balls!

Production of Rock music IS extremely different from producing regular songs (Nigerian songs in this here context), it’s LIVE! You record each instrument separately and you mix them together. It is hard work, most especially if you’re recording any Metal song. With all that distortion and feedback bouncing every which way…

This is a lovely song and in my opinion a better song than the original. However, it begs the question, based on that last line on the song if this is a rock song or something else. Rock fans know their stuff and they have trained ears, they will ask questions like I would.

Final Verdict:


BTW, if you’ve not heard the song, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Heard on to our song page and give it a listen and download it too.


Temet nosce. Author of the book: The Complication, Grim. http://bit.ly/1uijUll Speed/Thrash Metal enthusiast. Guitarist. #CFC. Sub-serial AudioInferno podcaster. Habitual fire starter, local troublemaker, I'm BATMAN (nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, BATMAN!!!!!!!!)

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  1. Nice write up. I share similar thoughts in that “Coldflames beats”. I was like..”What the…!!!!!, in a rock song or cover or whatever?” thats absolutely uncalled for and its not the first time that has actually hit my ears from the stables of the ‘almighty’ cold flames. I mean he’s good but he just keeps telling every one that he used FL in his productions. Yes, you can use FL but rock music has grown beyond it, let him try his fingers on something else, like Pro Tools or Cubase if Pro tools maybe too hard for him…..Just Saying though. Secondly, whhy is that when most rock fanatics in Nigeria write about rock, they usually point to ‘Metal’, as if the other genres and sub-genres of rock are not rock….Just saying again though.
    Her cover is a good but i feel like Coldflames could do better and she can still push herself a bit more to do something way better than what they did. All the same, for having to try….Thumbs up baby and rock on!!!

    • There are fans, fanatics, fanboys. All terms are different, very. Concerning the constant reference to ‘Metal,’ it’s a broad term. Extremely, with different sub-genres and fusions under it. It’s only normal it’ll be ‘popular,’ far more popular than other genre of rock. In Africa, particularly, there are more Metal or Metal oriented bands. It’s only normal other genres or subs will be or seem left out. Because of its popularity, naturally, it will be talked of more often.

      Truth is, you can’t dodge the constant references to Metal. It’s inevitable.

  2. great song ,great beat.thumbs up.i guess there is a personal vendetta againt coldflames, anyways we are entitled to our opinions.@axl metal is not the mostt popular and the yard stick for a great rock song.music is an art ,same with rock.you express yourself.@the review ,nice one but it wasnt objective ,everyone thinks its a great song sang bya great singer and produced by a fantastic producer but still you still criticize. @hi i think the protools jibe was immature and not cool.softwares are just tools,the producers and engineers are responsible for the sound.after all imagine dragons make thier songs on FL and we nod our heads to it.as an aspiring rocker ,i hope you guys would give me a chance.lol .long live nigerian rockers.

    • I was hoping someone will be brave enough to challenge me on this here, finally:

      In terms of sheer popularity, no form of music genre comes close to Metal. Look no further than it’s many variations, also, (in Africa) look no further than the amount of bands that are into rock, there are far more Metal oriented bands here than others. If there weren’t so many people loving that one genre, there wont be so many bands feeding the masses with it. and I’m only talking Africa.

      Now, a lot of people dont know what it takes to record a rock song, If you think a rock song is produced by regular softwares etc, then you must be thinking rock songs are the same as hiphop song etc. To clarify, the argument is this:

      A rock song should not be produced by a software in its entirety, that’s just lazy. A Rock song is and can be mastered with the assistance of mastering and mixing softwares etc. This is the modern age, it’s easier done that way. Which is acceptable. But if you think you can run to a studio and produce the drummers drumbeat, the guitarists riffs, the bass players riff ALL with a software (like FL, again) and call it Rock music…you’ll be branded a living joke. There a hundreds of bands that don’t use a PC to record their albums at all, hell, Megadeth’s doing so with their new album right now.

      The argument is as clear as day and its shouldn’t be confused. It’s is a good song buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I don’t recall at anyone time in my life hearing a rock song and, someone like Bob Rock goes:

      “Boo Booo Rooo Bob ROCK” right at the end of a track on Mötley Crüe album, hahahaha! Hilarious, or what, you want to hide behind, “it’s a Nigerian thing?!”

      A real rock fan has a trained ear, you don’t have to hear rock songs for years to have that, a real rock fan will tell you where a problem is easy. If you have the time, look up what it takes to produce a rock song, if I have a rock song to demo or so, i know who I wont go to.

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